Bettacare Auto-Close Wall cups incl. screws and pads

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Wall cups incl. screws and pads
Set of 4 wall cups with screws and self adhesive pads. Suitable for all Bettacare gates

Bettacare heeft zijn eigen witte wall cups, Heel europa gebruikt een maat in centimeters maar de Engelse hebben net een afwijkende maat in inche's.

Alu Star makes an incomparable visual impression. Massive beech wood and silver aluminium form a unit in a future-oriented combination of function and design, yielding added value in terms of use. The Alu Star door gate can be swung open, fixed in place or clamped with ease – so adapting to its spatial surroundings and the functional requirements of the situation in a quite individual way. An accessory unit makes it possible for the Alu Star to be converted into a stair gate at the drop of a hat.